Trelson Assessment

Trelson Assessment – Digital exams and assignments in Google schools

Trelson Assessment is a digital tool for knowledge assessment and a teaching tool for schools using Google for Education. You can use Trelson Assessment for all writing assignments that students do during a lesson – tests, homework questions, exams, and tasks. More than 100 schools in the UK use Trelson Assessment for both internal and external exams like JCQ, GCSE, mocks, A-level, and Btec exams. 

Developed on Google’s secure, stable platform

Trelson Assessment is fully integrated with Google Classroom, which provides a familiar user interface, making it very easy for both teachers and students to use. No prior knowledge is needed, you’ll be up and running in minutes saving a lot of time straight away. Teachers and students use their Google accounts to log in. Tests are performed on the student’s device in a locked mode without the possibility of communicating with other devices. Teachers can follow how the students progress in real-time. The student can continue working even if the network connection is lost. Everything is saved on Drive, even if the computer crashes or the battery runs out of power.

Trelson Assessment is full of smart functions for teachers and students. Here are just a few examples:

  • Text-to-speech for PDF-documents 
  • Editable line spacing
  • Assignment Templates for formal exams
  • Ability to import Google Forms
  • Additional question types
  • Welsh translation
  • Autograding

Tools for increased focus in daily teaching

Trelson Assessment is not just for digital tests but is also a very useful tool in your daily teaching. When you have students who find it difficult to concentrate in class, you can help them focus by locking their computers and allowing them to access only the websites you decide. Add the split screen view feature, with instructions on the right and a writing area to the left. By using text-to-speech features, students improve their writing. 

Trelson Assessment also contains a large and varied range of assistive technology that contributes to reinforcing the students’ strengths and at the same time reducing the workload for assistant teachers. Fonts that are specially designed to help students with reading and writing difficulties. Enable spell check, different background colours on the writing surface, split screen view, different file formats, video, calculator, and specific web pages. Trelson Assessment helps all students find their path to success in the classroom.

Facts about Trelson Assessment

  • Launched in 2016
  • Translated into 12 languages
  • Users in 35 + countries
  • Works on any platform together with Google Workspace for Education; ChromeOS, IOS, and Windows

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