Smart Amp

Integrates rich digital content

Add learning material from a growing list of SMART amp content partners, including Discovery Education and TWIG. Integrate videos directly into your lessons from online sources like YouTube and Khan Academy, while maintaining appropriate age and content controls.

Encourages natural, intuitive learning

Take advantage of students’ enthusiasm for apps, instant messaging and other collaborative tools, and direct it towards learning by bringing these elements into the classroom. Extends learning outside the classroom, allowing students to explore and interact with lessons whenever and wherever curiosity strikes.

Provides insight into progress and contribution
Reveals the learning process by helping teachers monitor individual student contributions in the collaborative workspace.Provides real-time insight that teachers can use to respond more effectively to the classes’ changing needs.

Works with existing technology

Works from the cloud, removing the need to install or update apps. Integrates fully with Google Apps for Education. No need to create separate user names and passwords or pay for additional storage. Provides a consistent user experience on every device. You needn’t worry about how features and functions work on different platforms. From iOS to Android to Chrome, from Linux to Windows to Mac; SMART amp’s interface is always the same.