Millions of people use Screencastify to record, edit & share video content. Find out why more than 70% of school districts in the US use Screencastify, why it’s used in more than 190 countries & why more than 100 million hours of video are created a year with Screencastify with a free trial & support from C-Learning.

Our experts will empower you to make learning more personal in your hybrid, blended or flipped classrooms with on demand video content with Screencastify.

Screencastify can record your screen – either the whole screen or a single tab and can even include a thumbnail of yourself by using the webcam attached to the device. In just a few clicks you can record, annotate and add emojis to a video. Once recorded, you can edit the video by cropping and removing any unwanted sections, zooming in to make sure the focus is clear and adding annotations and rerecord narrations. All this is easily accessible from your Chrome browser as an extension on any device. All recordings can be saved to your Drive and sharing permissions sorted from directly within Screencastify. You can even upload it directly to your YouTube channel.

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