Google CloudReady (Neverware)

CloudReady from Google is helping educators all over the world to transform their computing devices so they’re secure, easy to manage and never slow down when years old. CloudReady provides educators with the power of the cloud without the resource implications of traditional operating systems. In short it’s an operating system designed for both right now, and what’s next.

Our clients tell us that CloudReady from Google is also helping them to save strategic sums of money at a time when new devices are also hard to secure. By taking old devices no longer fit for use and turning them into a CloudReady machine, the user experience is transformed at the same time as realising strategic financial savings.

Built on the Google Chromium operating system, CloudReady provides unrivalled speed, simplicity and security at the same time as overcoming hardware limitations. So even if your computers are many years old, their value and use can be transformed. Contact our team to try it today.