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Be a Leader in Innovation:

C-Learning is seeking to support leading organisations who are committed to innovation. By incorporating Gemini for Google Workspace in your organisation you can:

  • Become a recognised pioneer in your field;
  • Spark curiosity and excitement in your stakeholders;
  • Deliver a more engaging and effective experience for your community.

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  • Writing a winning bid for funding in minutes.
  • Summarising complex and lengthy meeting papers in minutes.
  • Writing a lesson plan, quality improvement plan or self assessment report in minutes.

Gemini for Google Workspace makes it all possible. Built on cutting-edge large language models (LLMs), Gemini understands language like never before. It can predict what comes next, suggest creative ideas, and even generate entirely new content, just by following your prompts. What’s more the education licence isn’t used to train the model and your data is secure.

Here’s some of the ways Gemini can help:

Effortless Content Creation: Spend less time crafting materials and more time creating impact. Gemini helps you create presentations, worksheets, business plans, policies, curriculum content and more – all with a focus on creativity and engagement.

Enhanced Collaboration: Gemini can act as a creative partner, generating lists of fresh perspectives or creative angles, helping teams overcome mental barriers and supercharge output..

Summarisation & Analysis: Gemini can process large amounts of information, such as staff feedback, meeting notes, or research documents, extracting key insights and summarising them in an easily digestible format.

Personalised Learning: Team members can use Gemini to get tailored explanations of complex topics, supporting knowledge sharing and skill development within the group.

Content Creation: Gemini aids in the creation of various collaborative materials like marketing copy, code snippets, project outlines, and presentations.

Coordination and Communication: Gemini can assist in drafting meeting agendas, follow-up emails, or reports, streamlining project management.

In addition, if you’re concerned about security, and who isn’t, then Gemini has you covered. Enjoy industry-leading security features, built on Google’s trusted infrastructure. Gemini for Google Workspace adheres to the same rigorous security standards as all Google Workspace tools and your data is not used to train the AI model either.

Gemini for Google Workspace is also affordable.  Integrate Gemini seamlessly into your existing Google Workspace for Education setup. Choose from two affordable plans to fit your needs and our team is on hand to make sure you get the right licence for you.

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