Classroom Toolbox & Toolbox plus

If you use Google Classroom then you need Classroom Toolbox to enable you to easily manage all of your classrooms in just a few clicks. Easily change classroom owners, issue notifications and access reporting insights in seconds.

Classroom Toolbox

Enables Google Classroom users to administer and manage their classrooms with ease, providing greater control, flexibility and functionality over the management of each classroom as well as providing detailed reporting capabilities.

Classroom Toolbox was created as a collaboration with educators making extensive use of Google Classroom and is available in two versions, Classroom Toolbox Standard and an enhanced Classroom Toolbox Plus version that includes additional functionality. To find out which version might be best for you, contact our team.

Classroom Toolbox Plus

Offers advanced features such as graphical reports on teachers’ use of Google classroom. Data rich reports of grades by class, teacher, student or group. See at a glance how teachers are adopting classrooms. Easily view information about classroom usage and drill down into fine detail. View assignment status, grades and if work was submitted on time. Generate reports for an individual student’s grades in all classrooms. Set up custom groups to keep track of students who may need extra assistance or guidance with their school work. All reports can be downloaded as a csv file for further analysis. Delegate reporting privileges to users in your domain without giving them super admin status. Our team would be happy to arrange a trial.

We would be happy to provide a free trial of the software to support your needs.

Outstanding Burnley College shares how Classroom Toolbox has been vital for managing Google Classrooms during the pandemic

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