As a leading Google Technology Integration Specialist C-Learning has a diverse range of specialist software solutions designed to support educators making use of Google Workspace for Education.

GAT Lite

Global Audit Tools provide a wide range of Data Loss Prevention solutions that work with Google Workspace for Education. From GAT Lite which includes GAT+ & GAT Unlock contact the C-Learning team to learn more

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EDU Life

Edulife Connect is a dynamic synchronisation engine that automates & maintains user management across Google Workspace for Education by harmonising and provisioning data from your MIS. EduLife automatically creates and maintains users, groups, distribution lists, classrooms and much, much more.

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TextHelp is a literacy, accessibility and dyslexia tool that helps students of all ages reach their full potential with assistive learning solutions for reading, writing and communication.

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Smart Amp

SMART amp™ collaborative learning software is an easy-to-use cloud-based application that enables teachers and students to collaborate in real time.

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An effective and efficient way of organising teaching and learning workflows within your G Suite environment using sophisticated classroom management, sync and analytics tools.

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BetterCloud allows you to manage SaaS management platform data and build custom, automated workflows across your applications.

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