Merlyn Mind

C-Learning is proud to announce that it is the first UK partner for Merlyn Mind Inc – creating AI solutions that free teachers to teach by saving them time to support their students.

With HQ in New York City and offices around the world Merlyn Mind’s first AI solution to support teachers and students is Symphony Classroom

Symphony Classroom

Symphony Classroom is an AI hub, remote control, and AI software platform custom built for the unique needs of education and the privacy and security needs of schools.

Includes far field microphones to untether teachers from the front of the room so they can speak and control technology from 30 feet away with voice, touch, or point and click control.

Learn more about how Merlyn Mind and Symphony Classroom is being used to support teachers support students and their learning

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Next Steps and FREE TRIALS

If you are a school, college or university using Google Workspace for Education and would like to understand more about how Merlyn Mind is being used by teachers in the UK and USA giving them more time to focus on teaching then please complete the request form below.

We would be delighted to provide you with presentations and demonstrations online or in person, support free trials of Merlyn Mind for you and of course provide you with quotes for our limited Early Adopter Merlyn Mind units