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While touchscreen devices are amazing resources to have (and some schools don’t have them at all), much teaching and learning relies on written input, which is a missing feature on many digital devices. For young learners who are not yet able to type fluidly, handwriting is a must.

How might schools bridge this gap of continuing to enhance and support digital learning while also allowing for multiple modalities and needs in various subjects? A lot of schools integrate a high level of technology in their lessons, including a range of tools such as Google Jamboard, Nearpod and Google Classroom.

While many of these digital tools have opportunities for digital input and interactivity, the students’ scribbles of a solution in mathematics or a story’s mind map are not always legible and thus not communicated meaningfully to their peers and teachers.


Put a digital pen in the hands of teachers and students

The One by Wacom pen tablet is a versatile tool for teachers and students who need a digital pen to teach and learn naturally in today’s digital classrooms. Ideal for teachers and students in both K12 and Higher Education, the One by Wacom gives teachers theability to write naturally on online whiteboards like Google Jamboard, create engaging video presentations and digitally annotate their students work in online teaching or meeting platforms like Zoom. Students can attach a One by Wacom to their computers or Chromebooks* to interact with teachers or classmates using handwriting – essential for solving math problems, drawing diagrams, and expressing ideas, making them extremely popular for any curriculum involving science, technology, engineering, art & math.

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Wacom has a range of devices to meet the needs of any classroom or lecture hall set up.  From wireless pen tablets to large displays, the devices are software neutral – allowing educators to continue using the programs they already know and love. Plus, they’re easy to integrate with the rest of your audio-visual systems.

Effective education – Bi-directional communication

Wacom’s pen-enabled displays and tablets – connected to both the teacher’s and the student’s PCs – enhance the familiar classroom teaching experience in 6 important ways:
1. The devices are as intuitive to use as pen and paper and can be used by either teachers or students to create rich digital content.
2. Teachers can continuously face the class while presenting their teaching materials, rather than frequently turning their back while using the whiteboard.
3. Students can easily make contributions to the classroom discussion by sharing their own digitally inked ideas, without having to leave their desks.
4. Teachers can switch seamlessly between sharing their work or student’s work when explaining concepts or working through problems in class.
5. By making student’s thinking processes visible digital pens can enable teachers to quickly and easily identify where/how a student is struggling and provide personalized feedback.

By integrating with learning management systems like Google Classroom, Schoology, Canvas and others – students and teachers can submit homework, ask questions, provide feedback on assignments, grade exams and communicate intuitively both in class and at home.

Two case studies showcasing the ways Wacom has enhanced learning:


Enabling traditional STEM lessons in the digital classroom

Across the globe learning is still handwriting centric, especially in Mathematics and Science. This can make the shift to digital tasks challenging. Many schools are seeking effective apps and hardware to ensure a smoother transition for digital learning, especially for STEM lessons.

Expanding digital pen and ink technology from teachers to students opens up new possibilities for communication and collaboration in and out of the classroom. Using pen-enabled devices, teachers and students can explain complex concepts, take notes, provide feedback and show their work quickly and easily.

Wacom pen displays and tablets easily ‘plug in’ to the existing IT equipment in the classroom enabling members of the class to interact with the digital content being shared. The teacher never even needs to turn their back on the class. Collaboration is simple when working on shared documents and apps with the digital pen. There’s no new software to learn – you just work with the pen on the screen or tablet, instead of the mouse and keyboard on your computer.

If you are looking for an affordable, strong and sustainable solution that supports an innovative digital strategy WACOM devices are the way to go. WACOM provides an advanced range of digital pen and ink technologies along with pen displays, pen computers, pen tablets and smartPads as solutions to help improve digital strategies in schools, colleges and universities.

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