Why a teacher should use a Chromebook at school

Modern technology has revolutionized teaching. Equipped with the right companions, teachers are able to fulfill all students’ needs. And managing classes has become easier than ever before.

Now, Acer Chromebooks bring that to the next level. What really makes the difference is ChromeOS, the operating system that uses cloud-based technology for automatic background updates to ensure a reliable and secure device.

Designed to be highly efficient, Chromebooks upgrade the teaching experience and boost productivity thanks to their flexibility, durability, and high level of customization. 

Keep reading to find out why you should use Acer Chromebooks in your school!

Acer Chromebooks: designed with teachers in mind 

Your next device should fit your teaching style. With Chromebooks, teachers can choose from a broad range of tools, features, and capabilities for a totally customizable experience. 

The extensive choice of models includes convertibles, a 3:2 display ratio, and wide-screen Chromebooks, but also further complementary features such as a touch screen, built-in camera, or stylus pens.

Not to mention their eco-friendly features. All Acer Chromebooks ship with 100% recycled packaging. Plus, Chromeboos such as the Vero 712 and the Vero 514 feature eco-friendly components such as Post-Consumer Recycled Plastics and ocean-bound OceanGlass™ touchpads. In other words, they’re ready for the classroom, but also for the planet!

ChromeOS: easy device and class management 

Acer Chromebooks offer you the advantage of dealing with a perceptive OS that enhances the full potential of your device. 

Thanks to Google Workspace for Education, the school community can work from the same interface, while the cloud stores files and recorded lessons securely without storage space worries. 

Also, creating content and delivering it to your classes is easier than ever: teachers can do it all from one device with built-in apps like Screencast, Canvas, or Cursive and use Google Workspace to manage lessons and assignments. 

Furthermore, Chromebook devices assure 55% fewer unplanned outages, 73% less time to reboot, 59% less time spent on maintenance, and 76% less frequent rebooting, avoiding interruption and ensuring all school time is used on education rather than troubleshooting.

What’s best, our Chromebooks are equipped with up to the latest 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processors that help you stay productive and boost your teaching to unprecedented heights. 

And if the deployment of a large number of Chromebooks for your school sounds scary, forget about it. ChromeOS’ Zero-touch enrollment allows ITs to drop ship newly purchased devices straight into the school network without any manual configuration—all it takes is an internet connection. 

Security and durability

Today, internet users are exposed to multiple cyber threats that could harm students and school data. With that in mind, Acer Chromebooks ensure multilayered security for files and data without the need for third-party antivirus software. Security is simply built-in.

However, security doesn’t concern web navigation exclusively, especially in an active environment such as schools, where devices must be fast, rugged, and durable to survive classroom life at best. 

Acer Chromebooks come with lightning-fast boot-up times, rapid charging, and long battery life to keep up the pace of teaching and maximize time management. Moreover, durable and repairable components, including spill-proof keyboards, scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass, and an average eight-year lifespan, make sure that your device won’t give up on you soon. 

Lastly, not even a faulty internet connection should worry you: the offline mode will let you and your class update and work on documents nonetheless.

Reference:  For TeachersTechnologies (13/10/2023)

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