Engage students & empower teachers with devices that are simple to deploy, manage & use.


Chromebooks’ affordability enables schools & colleges on any budget to provide more students with devices & digital learning tools. The Chrome management licence enables secure, remote management of the entire Chromebook fleet. Chromebooks provide a safe & secure environment with built in protection from ransomware.

It’s no surprise that Chromebooks’ have become increasingly popular across education most notably due to the zero recorded ransomware attacks on chrome devices since their introduction over 10 years ago.

Educational leaders also benefit from the Chromebooks’ affordability, longevity, shorter startup, & longer battery life. When used with Google Workspace for Education, educators received a combination of tools & features that were instrumental in transforming their teaching and learning journey.

New research from Forrester finds that not only are Chromebooks cost effective, they also improve outcomes, so students, teachers, & IT professionals can spend more time teaching and learning, resulting in 229% return on investment.

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HP Chromebooks are widely used across schools, colleges and Universities in a wide range of size from 11.6” to 14” with clamshell, touch and flip models. Safe, secure, rugged and reliable and successfully being used by students & teachers

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Acer Chromebooks have been meeting the needs of students and teachers since 2012 and now in 2021 have Zero Touch Enrollment making deployment even easier. Whatever type of Chrome device you need, Acer has a Chrome device for you.

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Running on the fast, simple and secure Chrome OS, ASUS Chromebooks deliver all-day battery life, built-in security, fast boot-ups and performance with ease of use. ASUS Chromebooks are the best laptops to make studying more of a pleasure than a chore!

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