What we do

We are transformation specialists helping people to use leading technologies to learn and achieve more, creating a smarter and more sustainable world.

Expert Services and Products

C-Learning has come a long way since its foundation in 2011 but some things have remained the same such as our commitment to innovation.

We were the first company to introduce chromebooks to educators in the UK and the first Google for Education Premier Partner in the UK bringing the most advanced and impactful technologies from Google to the learning spaces of the United Kingdom.

Since that time we have continued to grow, creating new products and services that enable people to achieve more. We have become trusted advisers to some of the most influential educators globally with thousands of clients all over the world.


We bring leading software solutions to organisations to enable their people to achieve more. Click on the image to find out more.


As a leading provider of cloud native hardware from chromebooks to the latest interactive collaborative technologies our reputation for innovation is built on the impact we have. Click on the image to see more.

Extended Reality

Immersive environments are increasingly being used across society to enhance the way people work, learn and play and the latest research by PWC demonstrates the growing demand and impact that XR technologies are having.

Artificial Intelligence

We are committed to harnessing leading existing and emerging technologies to create a more accessible and smarter world.


We deliver bespoke and structured training and coaching programmes to help organisations to transform to achieve more. Click on the image to discover more and to start your workforce transformation.


We help leaders to define their vision and operational plans to enable them. Click above to find out more.