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Cloud First

Future Ready School


At our core, we are committed to introducing as many educators as possible to the benefits of moving to the cloud, whenever those web-based resources support and enhance learning. We now have a range of courses on offer.

G Suite for Education

Around the world more than 70 Million teachers & students use G Suite for Education because it is a set of intuitive, web based tools that support learning across all disciplines and ages. In the UK, C-Learning have delivered training to more than 500 teachers to help them both learn more about what this means for their school and, if already using Google Apps, qualify to become a Google Educatoin Trainer.

Admin Course

This brand new course is for those educators who want to be able to manage a Google Apps domain and to fully understand how to use the central control that the admin panel gives you to impact upon the learning in their organisation.

Edmodo Training Courses

Edmodo is now used by over 76 million students and teachers right across the world. It is a fully moderated social network for schools where you can set and mark assignments, create polls and quizzes, communicate with your students and parents, and use it to develop the professional development of your staff. Our training takes you through the basics of the site so you can start to engage your students in a new way of working.