The University of Gloucestershire Transforms the Accessibility of its Campus Buildings with MapsIndoors Digital Wayfinding Built on Google Maps

The University of Gloucestershire has implemented a leading wayfinding platform to provide more inclusive and accessible campuses for its students, staff, stakeholders and visitors. 

The University is committed to providing the best possible experience and is constantly looking for new ways to improve and with support from its Google Partner C-Learning identified MapsIndoors from MapsPeople as the perfect choice to provide a digital version of its physical estate.

The University ambition was to provide a more inclusive and accessible campus.  Known for its innovative application of leading technologies, the University chose the MapsIndoors platform to provide dedicated personal digital maps including routing for anyone who may have a disability or simply wish to know the location of a particular room, study area, or refectory within one of our campuses.   

The University of Gloucestershire partnered with C-Learning to implement MapsIndoors, making it easy for students, staff, and visitors to find their way around the campuses, regardless of their familiarity with the area.

Executive Chairman of C-Learning Jamie Smith said “We’re proud to have partnered with University of Gloucestershire on this project. MapsIndoors is a powerful wayfinding platform that can help Universities & Colleges create more accessible and user-friendly campuses. We’re confident that MapsIndoors will be a valuable asset to the University of Gloucestershire for years to come.”

If you’re interested in learning more about how MapsIndoors can help your University or university create a more accessible and user-friendly campuses, please visit the C Learning website at