Thames Christian School – Impact of using Google Workspace for Education

The school takes a progressive approach to technology using Google Workspace for Education to provide seamless learning experiences whether in or outside of school. C-Learning provided technical and support training.

The challenge
Thames Christian School is already a Google Reference Site but wanted to remain at the forefront of progressive use of Google Workspace for Education, Education Plus edition was the identified solution.

The solution
The ability to ensure continuity of learning during the Covid19 pandemic was essential and the functionality of Google Workspace for Education was the ideal solution, enabling the teaching staff to hold larger Google Meet sessions among the wider benefits, all in a secure managed online learning space.

The results
Google Workspace for Education has been vital to ensure learning continuity. The solution has enabled the School to carry on as close to ‘normal’ operations in difficult circumstances arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.

During lockdown we were able to seamlessly move from in person to remote teaching, pretty much overnight, thanks to Google Workspace for Education. Now that we are back, we have blended G Suite into our daily operations. We have been able to teach continually regardless of the disruption caused by the pandemic.
Madeleine Champagne, Head of Teaching and Learning, Thames Christian School

About Thames Christian College
Thames Christian School is based in London, UK, and is committed to enabling their students to achieve more in life through building positive relationships and resilience alongside academic achievement.
Industry: Education
Primary project location: United Kingdom