Protecting The Future: Safeguarding24 and Student Safety at UWC Norway.

UWC Red Cross Norway has always prided itself on providing a safe and nurturing environment for its students. However, like any institution, it recognises that there are times when students may feel unsafe, need to talk to someone and may need to report a concern. In such instances, it’s essential that students have a platform that allows them to do so quickly, confidentially, and with actionable evidence. This is why UWC Red Cross Norway chose Safeguarding24 as the preferred safeguarding platform.

Safeguarding24 is a comprehensive safeguarding platform providing a secure way for students to report any concern they may have to designated safeguarding staff. The platform has had a profound impact on UWC Red Cross Norway, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

One of the most significant benefits of Safeguarding24 is that it allows students to easily report concerns quickly and confidently. The reports are sent directly to the designated email addresses of the safeguarding team with the subject line Safeguarding 24. This ensures that the reports are seen by the relevant people promptly, and appropriate action can be taken.

Another key benefit of Safeguarding24 is the ability to respond directly to the student or staff member who has submitted the concern. This not only provides a sense of comfort and reassurance to the person making the report but also allows for more efficient communication and follow-up.

Safeguarding24 also provides monthly reports with statistics of the types of safeguarding concerns that staff and students have submitted. This information is entirely customisable, allowing UWC Red Cross Norway to tailor the reports to their needs. The ability to send photos and videos along with reports is also highly beneficial, as it allows for more comprehensive and detailed information to be provided.

The flexibility to adapt Safeguarding24 is also noteworthy. UWC Red Cross Norway plans to use the platform to report health and safety concerns next year, in addition to safeguarding concerns. The platform’s ability to send location data via GPS tags is also highly beneficial, especially for students living or travelling through areas where they may feel unsafe.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of Safeguarding24, however, is the confidentiality it provides. Students can make reports without fear of anything being saved on their emails or phones, something that had been raised as a concern by students who felt they might be forced to show someone their phone when they didn’t wish to.

Safeguarding24 has had a positive impact on UWC Red Cross Norway, providing a secure and efficient way for students to report any concerns they may have. The platform’s flexibility and confidentiality have made it an essential safeguarding solution. 

Anyone interested in learning more about Safeguarding24 should contact or visit to arrange a demo and trial of the software.