Nova Training Powers Up with Chrome OS Flex Achieving Cost Savings and Efficiency Gains

Nova Training Powers Up with Chrome OS Flex Achieving Cost Savings and Efficiency Gains

Nova Training, a forward-thinking education provider, partnered with C-Learning to implement Chrome OS Flex and unlock substantial cost savings and efficiency improvements. By converting 750 PCs from Windows 10 to Chrome OS Flex, they avoided the high cost of upgrading to Windows 11, saving a staggering £412,500. Additionally, Chrome OS Flex’s lower licensing costs compared to traditional operating systems like Windows resulted in further savings of £393,750 in the first year alone.

Bringing IT In-House:

The switch to Chrome OS Flex empowered Nova Training to bring a significant portion of its IT services in-house. This eliminated the need for outsourced patch management and support, leading to annual savings of £147,500. The user-friendly Google Workspace Admin Console simplified device and user management, further reducing reliance on external IT support.

Reduced Costs Across the Board:

The benefits extended beyond hardware and IT support. Nova Training saw a significant decrease in web filtering costs, switching from CensorNet to Securly, saving £11,200 annually. Furthermore, transitioning from Microsoft licenses to Google Workspace for Education resulted in additional cost savings of £11,200.

Beyond the Numbers:

The positive impact went beyond just financial savings. Chrome OS Flex’s efficient nature led to a 40-55% reduction in power consumption, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Additionally, the ease of deployment, with installations taking just minutes, streamlined the transition process.

Enhanced Security:

Chrome OS Flex’s built-in sandboxing technology and two-factor authentication features provide robust security, giving Nova Training peace of mind knowing their data is well-protected. The minimal need for IT support due to Chrome OS Flex’s intuitive design further strengthens their security posture.

A Winning Partnership:

Nova Training’s success story showcases the transformative power of Chrome OS Flex. C-Learning’s expertise in implementation and ongoing support played a crucial role in enabling Nova Training to achieve remarkable cost savings, improve efficiency, and enhance security. This collaboration demonstrates the potential of Chrome OS Flex to empower organiations to achieve their goals in a cost-effective and secure manner.

Jack Slater from Nova Training explained ‘ChromeOS Flex has enabled us to achieve significant cost savings, operational efficiencies and enhanced security. We are incredibly pleased with the implementation which has also enabled us to bring IT support in-house with wider organisation benefits with the modernised infrastructure and Chrome browser from Google.’

Nova Training’s successful implementation of Chrome OS Flex with C-Learning’s support resulted in:

  • £563,650 in cost savings in the first year and £169,900 annually thereafter.
  • Reduced reliance on outsourced IT services.
  • Lower web filtering and software licensing costs.
  • Improved environmental sustainability through reduced power consumption.
  • Enhanced security through sandboxing and two-factor authentication.
  • Simplified device and user management.

Nova Training’s experience serves as a compelling example of how Chrome OS Flex can empower organisations to achieve significant financial and operational benefits.

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