Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership Leading the Way with ChromeOS Flex

Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership is Leading the Way with ChromeOS Flex

Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership had a large and ageing Windows fleet and were struggling to finance the replacement of devices during a time when funding in education is struggling to keep up with rising costs. Google ChromeOS Flex offered a way to extend the life of the existing hardware and bring a familiar secure interface to all users.

ChromeOS Flex is a cloud-based operating system that can be installed on any compatible device, including old Windows and Mac computers. It is designed to be simple, secure, and manageable, making it ideal for education.

By deploying ChromeOS Flex Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership were able to extend the life of more than 750 devices at the same time as reducing cost and enhancing security.

Director of ICT for the Trust Mark Lynch said “Some of our fleet is over 12 years old and ChromeOS Flex works as well on these devices as it does on newer ones. ChromeOS Flex has started to transform the way we think about replacing equipment and has brought the benefits of Google Chrome and Google Workspace to the top of the agenda.”

Once configured in the Google Admin Console, Mark was able to deploy a mass rollout of ChromeOS Flex easily and can now deliver one account to multiple school sites. All devices can be centrally managed and additionally use less power.


The Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership has seen a number of wider benefits since deploying ChromeOS Flex also. The devices are now more secure, thanks to ChromeOS’s built-in security features. The devices are also more reliable, as they are not susceptible to the same viruses and malware that can affect Windows devices. And the devices are easier to manage, as ChromeOS Flex can be managed centrally from the Google Admin console.

If you’re looking for an effective operating system aligned to the demands of education today, ChromeOS Flex is a great option.

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