HP Chromebooks – The Device of Choice for The Watergrove Trust


Chromebooks Are The Device of Choice for The Watergrove Trust

The Watergrove Trust comprises six schools, four primary and two secondary including Matthew Moss High School which benefits from extensive resources including a professional recording studio and one of the largest 4D interactive sound and light installations in the UK. It is the largest and most successful school Trust in the Rochdale area.

The Trust worked with Google Premier Partners C-Learning to install HP Chromebooks and Chrome OS licences across the entire Trust as they integrate seamlessly with the Google Workspace ecosystem and ensure that the learners spend time studying rather than waiting for their computer to start.

The Watergrove Trust, which has long recognised the benefits of Google Chromebooks and Google’s Workspace for Education suite and partnered with C-Learning to bring the most advanced and impactful technologies from Google to the Trust. Through this partnership, the Trust was able to roll out hundreds of additional Chromebooks to its pupils, ensuring every student had access to interactive learning materials and lessons throughout the pandemic, no matter where they were based. 

Dave Leonard, Strategic IT Director for the Trust,  led the roll out on behalf of the Trust and stated “The Chromebooks have been reliable despite hugely increased use.  Managing the devices is very simple and this simplicity has been key to ensure that all learning be it blended, online or remote is manageable as devices can be configured at short notice and can be deployed seamlessly for both home-learning and face-to-face lessons”.  

The Chromebooks have ensured that learners working from home have a consistent experience wherever they are, allowing progress to be made despite the otherwise challenging circumstances.  He went on to say:

“One of the most notable benefits that we have seen since replacing our ageing laptops with HP Chromebooks is a significant reduction in malicious damage to the devices.” 


Dave went on to say “The devices were ready to use so quickly, they just open the device, log in and get on with their learning – everything that staff want in a device. The Chromebook deployment enabled cost savings as by choosing ChromeOS devices the Trust was able to achieve unrivalled return on investment in its hardware deployment plans at the same time as contributing to its sustainability plans.” 

Google’s ChromeOS operating system has also been designed with education in mind, ensuring students have all of the tools they need to learn smarter and achieve more. Not only does it make digital learning easy for teachers it also helps students to engage in more flexible and collaborative learning.

The deployment of Chromebooks using Google’s Workspace apps has ensured that all students have the same access to technology needed to support their learning. The collaborative features of Google Workspace have meant that lessons could be far more engaging and collaborative. 

Dave further stated:

For the Watergrove Trust, security was an important factor in our decision and we particularly liked that the data encryption within a Chromebook ensures it is a secure device for our learners and educators”.

They found that the ChromeOS cloud-based operating system of a Chromebook makes the device lightweight and requires far less processing power than its Windows counterparts. The average boot time of 8 seconds allows you to get straight onto the internet to be as productive as you need to be at a very low price. 

“Chromebooks are much more power-efficient than traditional laptops, therefore, reducing your carbon footprint.


The superior battery life ensures that students can access their work throughout the day, using less energy and last several years longer than alternative devices, reducing energy consumption at the same time as reducing impacting on landfill.

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