G-Suite Enterprise for Education transforms learning

C-Learning supported the School with expert advice, guidance and training to ensure successful adoption of Google Enterprise for Education.

The challenge
The School was seeking to ensure that irrespective of disruption caused by the global Covid 19 pandemic learning continuity could be assured with the least amount of disruption to the learning experience. The ability to deliver online sessions provided by G-Suite Enterprise for Education was the perfect solution.

The solution
Google Enterprise for Education enabled the school to seamlessly transition to online learning. Google Meet was quickly embedded by both staff and students to support teaching. The additional features such as ‘Originality Reports’ together with the wider set of Google productivity applications from Google Drive to Google Docs enabled seamless collaboration whether inside or outside the classroom.

The results
G-Suite Enterprise for Education has provided greater efficiencies with equitable access to the learning experience for teachers and students on one consistent platform empowering the learning community. The advanced analytics and security features also provide assurance that the school is delivering a safe and secure learning environment.

The implementation of Google Enterprise for Education has enhanced the teaching and learning experience, regardless of where that is taking place. It has been a key aspect in a successful period of distance learning. The Enterprise edition provides significant added value above and beyond the standard G-Suite offering, not just for teachers and students but also for administrators.
Stuart Marven, Information Systems Team Leader, Vienna International School

About Verein Internationale Schule Wien
Vienna International School is based in Austria with over 1300 students. The school has operated since the 1950’s. Their focus is to provide an actively engaging quality education with facilities which enable their learners to be highly effective citizens in a rapidly changing world.
Industry: Education
Primary project location: Austria