Coleg Sir Gar Deploys the latest Jamboard Screen Technology

Coleg Sir Gar is a large and successful further education college based in South Wales in the UK. With over 10,000 students the college is a major education and training provider with just under 1000 staff and a turnover in excess of £40 million. The college is passionate about using the latest technologies to support learning and in 2020 was seeking to deploy the best screen technologies to engage students and after an assessment process decided that Jamboards were the right tool for the job.

Executive Chairman of C-Learning, Jamie Smith said “The team at Coleg Sir Gar are committed to providing both their students and staff with a quality learning experience supported by technologies that have impact. Jamboards are the latest screen technology from Google with collaboration by design. It has to be said that most screens in classrooms or boardrooms have very poor utilisation because they are fixed whereas the Jamboard is mobile, so they are always in use and this matters because leaders are responsible for ensuring value for money. It’s great to see the continual innovation at Coleg Sir Gar and everyone at C-Learning is really proud to support this college.”

Digital and Innovation Manager at Coleg Sir Gar, Charlie Hammond said “The Jamboards are fantastic. They support collaborative learning for both the students and the staff and they can be utilised in ways that conventional fixed screens can’t.”

Mike Williams, Assistant Principal at the college said “’We’re really keen to experiment with the best new learning technologies as part of our digital strategy. The purchase of the jamboards provided us with a great opportunity to do that. We are really grateful to Welsh Government for supporting us with funding for these as part of their commitment to Digital 2030′.