BCoT – Basingstoke College of Technology adopts Google Workspace for Education to drive innovation

Basingstoke College of Technology (BCoT) is a dynamic college with a national reputation for the progressive application of technology to transform learning and  teaching aligned to high growth and high value added industry. Located in Basingstoke in Hampshire, UK, the college serves several thousand students and includes industry standard facilities such as it’s recently announced LaunchSpace facilities as well as being part of the national ‘Edtech Demonstrator’ programme supporting the wider sector to adopt and apply education technology with impact.

As part of BCoT’s approach to learning, students and staff utilise Google Workspace for Education to ensure continuity of learning irrespective of location. By deploying Google Workspace for Education BCoT has been able to operate without disruption irrespective of the Covid19 pandemic at the same time as empowering students with the latest and most powerful set of technologies available to education from Google.

Google Workspace for Education enabled the college to ensure continuity of learning irrespective of the Covid19 pandemic, with features such as the record ability in Google Meet enabling continuity of learning at all times whilst at the same time equipping the students with world ready skills.

EdTech Demonstrator for the Department for Education and Digital  Innovation Specialist for the college Scott Hayden said “By integrating digital skills and techniques into every classroom across the College we have created a more innovative and engaging environment for students to study. As we prepare all learners for the digital workplace and to industry expectations we train our learners to create, collaborate, and communicate professionally using tools they will be expected to use in their jobs. Google has empowered our students to learn authentic and genuine workplace ready skills”.

Executive Chairman of C-Learning added ‘we have a long history of collaboration with Basingstoke College of Technology and we are proud to support their journey with Google Workspace for Education. BCoT enjoys first class facilities that are a real showcase for the further education sector. Their progressive work in the Ed Tech space places them at the forefront of innovation supported by the most powerful technologies from Google for Education