EdTechTeam and C-Learning have partnered to deliver Google Expeditions Experiences to Schools across the UK. Bring your lessons to life with Virtual Reality Field trips from Antarctica to the International Space Station. There are Over 700 expeditions available to Support most areas of the Curriculum, With a range of lesson plans also available.

A one day expeditions experience includes:

  • The Use of a classroom kit (30 devices) for an entire school day (most schools will rotate through groups of students, if each class has a 20 minute session then Up to 450 students can experience Virtual Reality in their lessons)

  • A Google Certified Trainer, who will support the Use of the kit during the day and also deliver staff training on VR before or after school

  • A copy of The Google Cardboard Book from EdTechTeam

  • Full expeditions kits are also available to purchase from C-Learning