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From under £200 Chrome devices are designed specifically to access the rich educational and collaborative resources of the internet and to do so at a lower overall cost than traditional PCs, laptops and netbooks.This makes the Chrome device the right device for schools looking to deliver productive and effective web-enabled learning for students. C-Learning is an approved Google Chrome OS Management licence reseller and is able to provide a range of Wi-Fi & 3G Chrome devices to educational customers across Europe at Google prices.

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At home in the classroom

Chrome devices are optimised for the web’s vast educational resources. Integrate rich content into lessons, inspire collaboration and encourage students to create and share their own content with the world. Chrome devices deliver it all without lengthy start-up times or tedious training. They’re a simple, scalable and affordable way to put technology into the hands of more students and teachers.

Effortless to manage

Chrome devices streamline the hours that IT administrators spend managing computers. The Chrome operating system seamlessly improves over time and the available web-based management console lets administrators set up and manage users, apps and policies across an entire fleet of Chrome devices, even if the devices are distributed across many classrooms.

Efficient at scale

Two of the biggest challenges schools face when implementing technology programmes are budget and IT support. Deploying Chrome devices in place of traditional computers reduces IT headaches and overall cost by streamlining support, centralising management and cutting out all the tedious re-imaging that comes with every school year.

Read more about the savings at the 2012 IDC White Paper on the Economic Value of Chromebooks for K12 Education

Storage / Charging Carts

Working with leading manufacturers around the world C-Learning provides schools with a choice of storage / charging carts and cabinets to meet the needs of schools.

  1. lockncharge – ability to store up to 40 Chromebooks and Tablets in a single cart with unique carry baskets to help with distribution to classrooms
  2. Zioxi Chromebook Charging Trolleys & Cabinets – storing 16 or 32 Chromebooks in a choice of mobile trolleys or fixed cabinets
  3. Nuwco – providing a range of lightweight plastic carts and storage cabinets to store your Chromebooks and Tablets

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