This software is for primary schools, secondary schools, Universities and FE College teachers

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Web Filtering and Student Safety

Securly provides all the features of a traditional web filtering appliance, with the unlimited scalability and convenience of the cloud. We can setup Securly for your school in minutes, and it fully meets the filtering and reporting requirement of the UK Prevent duty. Providing protection for any device, anywhere, ask us for a demo or free evaluation to see for yourself why Securly is taking the market by storm.

Chromebook Filtering

Zero-touch filtering of 1:1 take home Chromebooks using a Chrome extension that takes seconds to deploy. No proxying. No SSL certificates.

1:1 iPads, Windows, & Macs

Support for any heterogeneous mix of 1:1 devices including iPads, Windows, Macs, and Android/Nexus tablets.

Take Home Policies

Location based policies for take-home 1:1 devices when the devices are off school premises.

Parental Integration

Schools can allow parents to view their child’s online usage either at school, home or both.

Advanced Bully Detection

Artificial Intelligence engine scans social media and email for disturbing negative sentiment related to bullying and self-harm


Gary Spracklen

Securly has transformed the way we use technology and has opened up the Internet to be a wonderful and fantastic learning tool while keeping our kids safe

Glenn Walker

This is awesome! I love it! Just set it up in like 5 minutes