This software is for primary schools, secondary schools, Universities and FE Colleges

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Product description

Okta is The Identity Cloud

Millions of people rely on Okta to securely connect to the technologies and services that let them do their most important work.

Start with Okta. Go anywhere

Anything is possible in the Okta Identity Cloud. Employees are productive, partners engaged, customers delighted.

  1. Employee SSO to Apps
  2. Give your employees simple and secure access to the tools they want, while still maintaining control of your IT environment.
  3. HR-Driven IT Provisioning
  4. Manage your employees’ access to any enterprise resource with your HCM as the source of truth.
  5. Access Apps Across Multiple Domains
  6. Avoid the pain of domain consolidation and manage organizational changes with agility.
  7. Employee System of Record
  8. View and manage user data mastered in Active Directory, LDAP, Workday, Google Apps, Okta, and more—all in one place.