This wouldn’t have been possible without the Asus Chromebooks

May 24, 2021

Greyrigg CE Primary School, based in Kendal, Lancashire, are incredibly proud of the ethos we have created for the wonderful children in their care. They believe, every child should be nurtured and valued for their own uniqueness. The school is not about expecting children to conform, but about inspiring every child to be the best person they can possibly be: Academically; Personally; Spiritually; Socially and Morally.

As a leading Google Premier Education Partner C-Learning supplied the School with Asus Chromebooks to ensure continuity of the learning experience could be maintained during the Covid-19 pandemic. This enabled the School to empower the way that their learners could embrace their learning experience. During Lockdown, the ASUS chromebooks became their best friends. The School sent every child in KS2 and many in KS1 home with an Asus chromebooks and were able to deliver our lessons online.

The School learnt that when children returned to school, the one thing they missed more than anything was working collaboratively with their peers so when the January 2021 we took the lessons learned & improved their online offer:

The School consider that connection & relationship was the best way to ensure children were engaged so delivered sessions live to enable in the moment feedback- parents could also get on & work whilst the children were with us. The had had 100% attendance at online lessons nearly every day.

Children had missed working collaboratively with peers so in KS2 were able to use the chromebooks to enable children to work in smaller groups and mimic the classroom with teachers & teaching assistants hopping between these groups- the websites the children created for their continents work were outstanding.

Kirsty Cooper, Head Teacher, Grayrigg CE Primary School, went on to say “All teachers agreed that the classes we have taught through the pandemic will always have a special place in our hearts; the strength of the relationships between teachers and pupils have never been stronger and that would not have been possible without our chromebooks and the great support we’ve had from the team at C-learning so thank you so much.”