Technology That’s Great For Your Budget & The Planet

November 21, 2022

Technology That’s Great For Your Budget 

& The Planet

Someone once said that your opinion on climate change is optional but your participation in it is mandatory, and in recent times we have seen the climate crisis move sustainability from the periphery to the mainstream of decision making processes and especially so when it comes to procurement. The ability to source technology that’s both great for your budget and the planet is one area where technology leaders such as Acer are providing decision makers with a good news story by delivering versatile, secure and energy efficient devices that last longer and cost less. 

The phrase ‘working smarter’ is one we all know well but since the pandemic in 2020 there has been a strategic shift in the patterns of how we live, work and learn. Research undertaken by Acer has revealed how a reduction in commuting is estimated to cut travel to work emissions by over 60% which is remarkable. What’s more, nobody likes to be stuck in traffic and if we’re honest about it we don’t get stuck in traffic because we are traffic. The good news is that it’s within our gift to make a change here that’s better for our lifestyles, budget and the planet through the use of technology that’s agile and more sustainable. We can make choices to select technology that uses less energy, enables us to work in a way that is untethered to a location and is better for the planet. As energy costs soar, purely in financial terms this makes sense.

You may not know but a device such as an Acer Spin 513 LTE has been independently benchmarked to be against both current and legacy devices and was found to be a massive 84% more energy efficient. If you have a large IT estate imagine the cost savings in energy alone by deploying these devices. Even when set against the very latest devices the Acer Spin was still 50% more efficient.

The scientific community has stated many times that to achieve ‘net zero’ in terms of Co2 global emissions will take a combined effort that crosses all aspects of how we run our organisations. Moving to electric vehicles and renewable energy production will not in themselves achieve net zero by 2030. To achieve this we must accelerate innovation and for those responsible for digital strategies and procurement there is a strategic opportunity to make a positive contribution to tackling the climate crisis through a more sustainable device strategy. 

In research undertaken by Acer over 97% of respondents indicated that sustainability was important with 65% citing it as very important. With the twin pressures of the climate crisis and budget constraints due to rising inflation it’s good to know that there are solutions available to help, and that these solutions can be trusted to be reliable as well as secure, efficient and flexible. 

Many leaders in education tell us that when it comes to technology they just want it to work, with 62% of those participating in the Acer research citing performance, and 53% citing battery life as key priorities.  Respondents didn’t cite the design of devices as being a high priority but regardless it’s good to know that chromebooks are light, sleek and attractive too.

The long battery life that chromebooks provide not only supports agile working but has a strategic impact in reducing energy consumption across a typical estate also. For example, if we were to take a typical average of 500 devices in an organisation and moved them to an Acer chromebook this has the potential to reduce carbon emissions by 2,606kg of Co2 a year. This is the equivalent to reducing travel related emissions by 9,460 car miles or having 3.2 acres of mature forest removing emissions from the atmosphere. 

To achieve our global collective ambition of reducing carbon emissions and associated climate change to a level that is sustainable will require decision makers to make choices that are in the interests of both their budgets and the planet. The good news is that we have many of the technologies to enable us to make a positive impact, and we can work together to do it through the choices we make when we invest in new technologies. 

Acer devices are built to run on the most sustainable cloud technology in the world, and as former Australian politician Bob Brown once said ‘the future will be green or not at all’ it is our collective responsibility to leverage the power of the most sustainable technologies to help to sustain our precious planet for generations to come. The research undertaken by Acer and others show’s that we have a way to go, but we have the capabilities to do it.

The full Acer research can be obtained here  

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Barely larger than a sheet of paper, this ultra-portable and stylish 2-in-1 Chromebook allows users to flow seamlessly between work, home, and passion projects. Even when Wi-Fi is out of range, the Acer Chromebook Spin 513 features optional 4G LTE so you can always readily connect to any conference and have access to all your data and apps in the cloud.

Powerful Mobility

Weighing in at less than 1.2kg, this convertible Chromebook is not only extremely light, but is also barely larger than a sheet of paper – slipping easily into any compact bag or backpack. Combined with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 7c Compute Platform1, this Chromebook gives you more than enough processing power to get you through the day no matter where you take it.

More than Meets the Eye

The narrow bezel design allows for a screen-to-body ratio of 78%, letting you immerse yourself in the stunning 13” FHD IPS display.

All Day Battery

Up to 13.5 hours2 of battery life goes a long way. With just a single charge, get in a full day’s work with time to spare while leaving the power adapter behind.

Clarity of Sound

This Chromebook comes with two built-in microphones that enable better microphone reception, providing better clarity of sound when video conferencing or talking to friends on Google Meet.

Always Connected

Always stay connected with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 7c Compute Platform. When Wi-Fi is out of range, this Chromebook has optional 4G LTE – providing you with extra personal bandwidth to keep you connected and ensure you always have access to your data and apps in the cloud.

Full of Features

Specifically designed for the needs of users on-the-go, this Chromebook comes with a bevy of functional features including Wi-Fi 5, Corning® Gorilla® Glass touchscreen and touchpad, an optional backlit keyboard, as well as a USB Type-C port and a USB 3.2 Type-A port for extra versatility to deal with everyday challenges.

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