Our Daily Virtual Staffroom is changing

April 4, 2022

When the Pandemic disrupted the world of education and work on March 23rd 2020, C-Learning stepped in to respond and support the communities they serve and the Virtual Staffroom was born. Just like a real staffroom, it soon became the place where educators from across the globe could join in, sit and listen, share challenges and successes or ask questions about anything. The staffroom didn’t have to always be related to work, but of course, support for educators from peers and professionals was on hand daily.  Questions solved relating to, How were people managing online learning, managing devices at home, how do you support students who don’t have Internet access at home?

Many other questions such as making sense of the Government guidelines, someone looking for a solution of help or even suggestions on what kind of pie is being served on Friday?

The team worked hard to help and support all those who came along and, despite being a great team, the Virtual Staffroom would not be particularly special on their own. What made it special was the army of educators who also stepped up to help and support fellow educators as they struggled to make sense of this crazy world we found ourselves in. There are far too many to mention and with the risk of missing some out, they know who they are and they have been instrumental in supporting the profession through the most difficult of times.

Then there were the other companies who stepped up. The speed at which schools and colleges adopted new technologies during COVID has grown exponentially and they needed to know what was out there and did it meet the needs of their learners. Our partners all stepped up and presented their offerings and gave amazing demonstrations so schools and colleges could decide whether it met their needs.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in any of the 341 hours and thank you for the kindness, generosity, humour, patience and your wisdom you provided to support us in this incredible journey.

Today as we slowly move towards a new normal, it would seem that the Virtual Staffroom has fulfilled its purpose. So April the 8th will be the last time we run the Virtual Staffroom on every term day. It will continue but from now each will have a specific focus. There will be special events and product demos spread throughout the year.

Many thanks to everyone who made the Virtual Staffroom a huge success and to make a difference to education when times were incredibly challenging. The team will still deliver Merlyn Mind Mondays, Google updates and Techy Tuesday monthly which you can join us via this link: meet.google.com/dho-mkkg-afs Each session start at Midday and will be recorded and available on the C-Learning YouTube Channel afterwards. You can subscribe and catch up on some of the previous recordings whilst you are there!

The Virtual Staffroom will bow out of the daily instalment this Friday with a legacy that the team are rightly proud of:

The Stats:

  • Total number of Virtual Staffrooms so far: 341
  • Total number of visits: in excess of 2700
  • Countries represented; All the nations of the UK, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Sweden(from a boathouse), USA (from east coast to west), Jordan, Australia(The Global Virtual Staffroom event), Thailand.
  • Number of guest speakers: over 40 from all sectors of education and over 30 from partner companies

Many thanks, once more, to everyone who made the Virtual Staffroom such a success and I will see you in a Virtual Staffroom soon. Just maybe not so often.If you want a conversation with us, you can always reach out via connect@c-learning.net