Merlyn Mind Visits Leading UK Educators Using Artificial Intelligence Providing Greater Freedom to Teach.

November 11, 2021

US based Merlyn Mind who are on a mission to create artificial intelligence solutions for the people creating a better future have taken time to visit leading UK based educators using Merlyn Mind’s technology to see first hand the difference it’s making in empowering teachers with greater freedom to focus on teaching. 

Symphony Classroom from Merlyn Mind is the latest hardware and software solution built for teaching spaces that brings the power of voice enabled AI to teachers to help them with their work. Symphony Classroom comes as an AI hub with remote control and an AI software platform custom built for the unique needs of education including the privacy and security needs of schools, colleges and universities. 

During the UK visit the Merlyn Mind team visited the Prince of Wales School in Dorchester, Coleg Cambria in North Wales and Claires Court School in Maidenhead who are all using Merlyn Mind within their classrooms.

Their visit to Claire’s Court, enabled them to meet Tom Aggar, a teacher who is also a wheelchair user.  Tom said, “Being able to control the teaching content with my voice has really changed the way my students learn.  It provides an instant digital assistant in the classroom through AI technology.”  Tom went on to say “What has become clear is that Merlyn not only assists me with my classroom but also engages learners with the technology.” 

Merlyn Directors Francesca Cain & Jason Mayland said, “After years of development we are thrilled to see the technology in use within the UK and along with our Partner C-Learning.  During the visit to Claires Court Independent School it was great to see how the technology has been adopted across classrooms within the School.”

C-Learning President Ian Nairn said, “As leading specialists in cloud, AI, and extended reality technologies in education we are proud to partner with the Merlyn Mind team and are thrilled to see the adoption of the technology in places like Clares Court School. Artificial intelligence is playing an ever-greater role in helping us to live, work and learn smarter and we look forward to helping more schools, colleges and universities to make the most of it.”

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