Longridge High School Extends Learning and Sustainability with ChromeOS Flex

May 15, 2024


Longridge High School in Ribble Valley, Lancashire, UK, offers a welcoming and ambitious learning environment for students aged 11 to 16. Converted to academy status in October 2023, the school is committed to excellence and empowers each student to achieve their academic potential. The School fosters a supportive and secure atmosphere where students can enjoy learning, explore their talents, and strive for success.

The School is committed to environmental stewardship but faced a dual challenge: aging technology and a shrinking budget. Their existing fleet of computers, a mix of Windows and Macs, were nearing the end of their lifespan. Replacing them entirely with new Chromebooks seemed like the only option, but the cost was prohibitive. Additionally, discarding perfectly usable machines didn’t align with the school’s sustainability goals.

The answer came in the form of ChromeOS Flex, a free solution from Google that allows repurposing older computers to run ChromeOS. Intrigued by the potential cost savings and environmental benefits.

The results were impressive. The IT team found ChromeOS Flex to be surprisingly easy to deploy. The lightweight operating system breathed new life into the older machines, bringing them up to speed and offering a familiar Chrome experience. Teachers reported faster boot times and a streamlined interface, making classroom tech integration smoother.

But the real win came on the budgetary front. Longridge High School made significant savings by not having to purchase new devices which freed up valuable resources that could be directed towards other educational needs. 

Beyond cost savings, using ChromeOS Flex enabled the School to extend the lifespan of their existing devices, significantly reducing electronic waste. This not only saved resources but also aligned with the school’s commitment to sustainability, setting a positive example for students.

The switch to ChromeOS Flex also brought unexpected benefits. Automatic updates ensured the system remained secure and up-to-date, minimizing the workload for the IT team. The cloud-centric nature of ChromeOS allowed students to access their work and files from any device, fostering greater flexibility and collaboration.

“ChromeOS Flex has been a game-changer for Longridge High School as it allowed us to stretch our budget further, invest in other areas, and do our part for the environment. The positive impact on our students and teachers has been an added bonus.”

The success story of Longridge High School demonstrates the transformative power of ChromeOS Flex. By embracing this innovative solution, schools can bridge the digital divide, achieve cost savings, and become more environmentally responsible, all while creating a better learning experience for students.