Delling Cloud Meets with the Ministry of Education & Research in Estonia as it Continues its Expansion Across EMEA.

June 27, 2022

Cloud technology specialists Delling Cloud, based in Estonia and who bring together several leading technology companies from across EMEA have met with the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research to discuss the Government’s strategy for education technology and collaboration with education technology companies aligned to the national digital strategy.

Estonia is internationally recognised for its progressive approach and impact when it comes to learning outcomes throughout its education system, ranked #1 on the 2018 PISA assessment across Europe although the country doesn’t like to focus on such measures instead preferring to focus on an education system that’s built on transparency, agency, autonomy and trust. 

The progressive approach of the Estonian Government to supporting leading digital companies was a major factor in deciding to establish Delling Cloud in the country. The Estonian Government supports leading education technology specialists and educators to enable closer collaboration in supporting the national digital strategy.

Group Chief Executive of Delling Cloud Ian Nairn said “During our talks with the Ministry of Education and Research in Tallinn we explored the key areas of focus for the Estonian Government and how Delling Cloud, based in Estonia, aligns to support these ambitions. We welcome the openness of the Estonian Government to engage proactively with leading edtech companies such as ours and we look forward to supporting the Government and educators across the country with their future digital plans”.

Delling Cloud was formed in 2020 and brings together several leading cloud technology and services providers with bases across EMEA and with several thousand clients in broadly 30 countries. The combined strength of the group is accelerating the adoption of leading cloud technologies in countries such as Estonia.

More information about Delling Cloud is available on the website here