City College Plymouth Makes History as UK’s First College to Launch Digital Wayfinding Software

October 5, 2023

City College Plymouth is the first further education college in the UK to create an interactive digital map of its buildings and wider campus with MapsIndoors’ digital wayfinding software.

Used by industry leaders and top universities around the world, MapsIndoors from MapsPeople transforms how students, staff and visitors navigate their way around the College site using the same digital AI technology which powers Google Maps.

Once they have accessed the MapsIndoors platform on the College’s website, users will gain access to an interactive map of the College campus. They can then personalise their navigation by selecting the most disability-friendly route between classrooms, locating the nearest washroom, or finding an elusive study room.

City College Plymouth, recognised as an accredited Google Reference College, stands at the forefront of innovation in adopting impactful digital technologies. In partnership with digital technology innovators C-Learning, the College has ensured that the interactive map was available to both new and returning students starting courses in September.

City College Plymouth’s Chief Executive, Jackie Grubb, elaborates on the College’s strategic approach to easing the transition for new students: “Recognising that new students can often face challenges during their initial weeks on campus as they familiarise themselves with the environment, we have strategically introduced our innovative digital interactive MapsIndoors navigation platform.

“This strategic move not only alleviates the stress and anxiety associated with starting College but also affirms our commitment to creating a safe and supportive environment where students feel empowered to explore the full range of opportunities the College has to offer.”

Executive Chairman of C-Learning Jamie Smith said “We’re proud to have partnered with City College Plymouth on this project. MapsIndoors is a powerful wayfinding platform that can help colleges and universities create more accessible and user-friendly campuses. We’re confident that MapsIndoors will be a valuable asset to City College Plymouth for years to come.”

If you’re interested in learning more about how MapsIndoors can help your college or university create a more accessible and user-friendly campus, please visit the C Learning website at 

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