Canterbury Christ Church University Creates a Smarter Campus with leading Google Maps Integration from MapsPeople.

October 4, 2022

As the UK Partner to MapsPeople bringing the leading wayfinding technology to the UK and Ireland C-Learning is providing dedicated support to the teams at Canterbury Christ University who are using the technology to create a digitally enabled smarter campus.

Prior to the implementation of MapsIndoors and Google Maps technology, staff and students at the University were reliant on existing physical and digital signage to navigate the complex campus environment. Research has shown that for new students and international students in particular, as well as visitors, being unable to easily navigate to the required destination can be a source of stress and anxiety. Additionally students expect a tech enabled institution that provides highly personalised digital experiences and the combination of Google Maps and MapsIndoors technology has enabled this at Canterbury Christ Church University.

The University is on a journey of digital transformation under the leadership of Director of Digital Strategy and IT Sarah Cockrill and along with Assistant Director for IT, Digital Engagement and Innovation Gareth Stears the team are rolling out an increasingly personalised digital campus experience for staff, students and visitors and the impact has been significant. For example students love the ability to see indoor 360 degree views of the facilities via the app and the team have also installed kiosks that provide dedicated wayfinding support taking the anxiety out of navigating what can seem like large and complex buildings to those new to the University.

Assistant Director for IT – Digital Engagement and Innovation Gareth Stears said “We are committed to harnessing the power of the best technologies available to support continual innovation in the student experience and the MapsIndoors technology is an example of that commitment. We configured the technology to link to our timetabling system and the result is a digitally enabled highly personalised experience for our learning community that’s easy to use and enhances life on campus.”

C-Learning Executive Chair Jamie Smith said “The work that Gareth has led at Canterbury Christ Church University is sector leading in how the team have provided easy to use yet powerful personalised wayfinding technology for every student, staff member and visitor. It’s exactly what technology should be about, easy to use and making life better. Seeing how a student can simply click on their calendar app to open a map that personally navigates them to their destination is brilliant in both its power and simplicity. Everyone at C-Learning is really proud to be supporting the work of Gareth and the wider team at the University”.

Universities adopting the MapsIndoors technology also experience a reduction in workloads for reception staff especially during enrolment times as new students are able to navigate campuses with greater ease.

Already in use across many UK university campuses, the MapsIndoors technology from MapsPeople helps to create a smarter campus through the provision of personal navigation technology to students and visitors, removing the stress of navigation and reinforcing the smarter campus experience powered by highly personalised technology and Universities such as the University of Gloucestershire, City University of London and the University of Manchester and among those adopting this technology.

MapsPeople are leading specialists in mapping and navigation technology that enables users to easily navigate large and complex buildings and campuses in more than 40 countries globally.

C-Learning are leading specialists in cloud, AI and VR technologies who as part of the Delling Cloud partnership support several thousand clients in more than 30 countries.

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