C-Learning Champions AI for Wellbeing at BCoT’s Forward-Thinking Event

February 21, 2024

C-Learning Champions AI for Wellbeing at BCoT’s Forward-Thinking Event

C-Learning were pleased to support the list of Panel speakers at the recent “AI for Wellbeing: Empowering Educators Through Innovation,” event held at Basingstoke College of Technology (BCoT) on Friday, February 9th, 2024.. The event saw a gathering of 70 delegates and keynote speakers from across the UK all assembled to delve into the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education.

The event aimed to enlighten and inspire educators about the multifaceted role of AI in education. Attended by forward-thinking teachers, open-minded leaders, administrators, and educational technologists, the discussions centred around exploring the latest AI advancements and their practical applications in various educational contexts.

The day commenced with an inspiring introduction by BCoT Principal Anthony Bravo, setting the stage for a series of expert-led sessions. Scott Hayden, from BCoT delved into the integration of AI in teaching, learning, and assessment, offering practical insights and innovative strategies. Gillian May from Windsor Forest College Group illuminated AI’s impact on back-office operations, showcasing efficiency and effectiveness enhancements. Additionally, Jake Barnes and Dr. Ko Kear from South Gloucestershire Group shared their team’s expertise before the lunch break.

During the midday showcase, attendees were treated to a display of leading-edge educational technologies such as Teachermatic, CENTURY, EdPuzzle, Google, and Quizizz. This was followed by an interactive networking segment, providing attendees with hands-on opportunities and discussions around similar roles.

The thought-provoking session focusing on wellbeing in the afternoon, provided unique perspectives on how AI can streamline processes, enhance learning experiences, and cultivate a more collaborative educational environment.

The event culminated in a stimulating panel discussion led by Matt Rhodes from the AoC, featuring a diverse panel of experts including Ben Miller, (Student Digital Leader), Steven Hope (CEO from C-Learning) & Peter Kilcoyne, Director at Teachermatic and Consultant for the BLC provided an engaging finale of deep insights into the future of AI in education and its potential to enhance both teacher wellbeing and student learning outcomes.

The discussion underscored the importance of sharing, collaborating, and learning from one another as educators work to harness AI’s potential in their practice.

“AI for Wellbeing” at Basingstoke College of Technology served as a catalyst for dialogue and collaboration among educators passionate about leveraging AI to enrich the learning experience. The event reinforced the notion that embracing AI can lead to transformative changes in education, ultimately benefiting both educators and students alike.

C-Learning remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of educational technology and for anyone interested to know more they can connect with the team via email at Connect@c-learning.net or visit the website..

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