Belsay School Engages, Enriches & Inspires Learning During Lockdown with Asus Chromebooks

July 7, 2021

Sean Harvey, Year 5 & 6 Teacher at Belsay School in Newcastle upon Tyne was looking for a safe, durable and cost-effective solution to enable continuity of learning during the disruption of multiple lockdowns. An Asus chromebook provided with support from C-Learning was the perfect solution.

Sean said “During lockdowns, the Chromebooks enabled both the children at home and those in school to engage in the online lessons. The use of the Chromebooks has now become an integral part of the learning across school; on a daily basis, children use them for their studies.  The children and staff have commented how robust the machines are, they hold their charge for a long period of time and are ideal for a primary school setting.”

Executive Chairman of C-Learning Jamie Smith commented “I’ve always believed that technology must be simple to use and make life better, so it’s great to see the impact that Asus chromebooks have had at the Belsay School in that context as Sean has said. Devices for education must be safe, durable and cost effective for them to be impactful so listening to Sean describe how chromebooks have enabled exactly that is great to see”.

Now that chromebooks have been embedded into lesson plans and wider school life, it has provided teachers with greater freedom to focus more on the learning. 

Sean went on to say “Our children are routinely using the Chromebooks to carry out research, play fun games, design posters, Slideshows and have begun to use the email function, frequently celebrating their successes with their peers in a digital form.  This has all been possible because we have found a Chromebook which is reliable, well-priced and meets the ongoing needs of a busy classroom.

To find out more about how chromebooks can support teaching and learning email and for anyone would like to try one on trial, the C-Learning team will be happy to help.