Back to School in the AI Era Event – Empowering Educators for the Future of Learning

July 1, 2024

Back to School – Empowering Educators for the Future of Learning

C-learning and Google Education are proud to announce an exciting one-day event on Friday 20th September at 10am – 4pm at Google HQ CSG office 

Join us for a day of insightful discussions, practical demonstrations, and networking opportunities. Together, let’s empower educators to embrace AI and shape the future of learning which will be focused on the transformative impact of AI on education.

Designed specifically for School, Colleges and Stakeholders involved with the learning landscape, this event will explore how Gemini AI for Education is revolutionising classrooms and creating personalised learning journeys.  Find out more on our website

Event Highlights:

Keynote Address: A leading expert in AI and education will share a visionary perspective on the future of learning.

Panel Discussions: Engage with expert panels discussing the practical applications of AI in the classroom and its broader impact on education.

Interactive Demos: Experience AI tools firsthand through interactive demos and fireside chats with industry leaders.

Hands-on Workshop: Learn practical strategies for using AI to personalise the learning experience for all students.

Limited spaces are available so don’t miss this opportunity to explore the future of education. Book your spot now here: