Asus Chromebooks Support Collaborative Learning at Edwards Hall Primary School.

July 7, 2021

For educators across the country having access to flexible, untethered and trusted technology to support learning whatever disruption the pandemic may cause has been essential and at Edwards Hall Primary School it was Chromebooks that during the challenges of the past year made life a little easier. 

Business Manager Kerry Wybrow said “Throughout lockdown, the use of Chromebooks enabled many of our children to access online lessons and engage with real time feedback and interaction with the teaching staff that they may otherwise not have been able to. Since coming back into school the Chromebooks have been used flexibly across a range of different learning and working spaces both by the children and the staff within school, discovering more and more innovative ways to engage the children in their learning and work collaboratively with each other. This has been especially evident within catch-up learning intervention groups”.

Executive Chairman of C-Learning Jamie Smith commented “It’s always great to hear of the impact that Chromebooks are having for the children at Edwards Hall Primary school as well as the millions of others in schools, colleges and universities globally. For me, although the children won’t know it yet, they are working in a way that is preparing them for the cloud based, untethered connected digital world that’s their future and what’s more equipping them with the skills to meet some of our greatest collective challenges, such as climate change. Chromebooks use less energy, last longer and enable more progresssive approaches to living, learning and working. Well done to Kerry and all of the team at the school who are delivering a great learning experience to their community”. 

To find out more about how chromebooks can support teaching and learning email and if you know someone who would like to try one on trial, the C-Learning team will be happy to help via this link