Duet AI – The latest powerful way of working with generative AI

Redefining Productivity with DuetAI

The latest milestone in our AI journey is the launch of Duet AI in Workspace, a powerful way of working that uses generative AI across Google Workspace apps. Duet AI in Workspace was built strictly following Google’s AI Principles to be helpful and responsible. It also adheres to our structurally safer approach to security.

From the beginning, Google Workspace was built to enable you to collaborate in real time with other people. Now you can also collaborate with Duet AI, which lets you use generative AI technology easily.  Through our Google Workspace Labs initiative, we’ve tested Duet AI features extensively with hundreds of thousands of users, who leveraged these tools to help them get things done at work and in their personal lives — including with client outreach emails, job postings, project plans, time-saving summaries, and more — and we are now ready to roll out Duet AI in Google Workspace to organisations. Duet AI can:

Generative language and generative imagery:

Generative language models learn about patterns in language through training data, by being
exposed to enormous amounts of text in many different formats and used in different contexts.
Given a text prompt, they predict what comes next through inference, and are used to create
text-to-text content to help people write, summarise, and respond in apps like Gmail and Docs.

Generative image models produce new images using techniques like diffusion, which means the model learns by deconstructing a large number of images into noise, and then mapping noise back to images. Given a prompt or related imagery, they resolve noise into a correlated image, creating text-to-image content that can help people in Google Slides and Google Meet.

5 ways to use Duet AI to work smarter:

As the world starts to use more AI in their everyday life and particularly in education, here’s some of the latest features where Duet AI is helping thousands of Google Workspace users to work and study everyday:

Here’s a simple video showing how AI can help your School, College or University

For further information and a demonstration to show how DuetAI can work for your School, College and University safely and securely email us at:  Connect@c-learning.net