This software is for primary schools, secondary schools, Universities and FE Colleges

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Product description

Hapara offers a cloud-based instructional management system to Primary & Secondary / K12 education institutions who use Google Suite for Education or Microsoft Office 365 Education.

The Hapara Learning Suite

includes three core instructional management tools: Hapara Dashboard, Hapara Highlights and Hapara Workspace.

Hapara Dashboard is a centralized hub for digital learning. With Dashboard, teachers can view student work across Google Suite or Microsoft Office 365 Education apps, group students to differentiate learning, push out documents, provide feedback and more.

Hapara Highlights gives teachers visibility into students’ browsing. With Highlights, teachers can monitor student browsing, remotely open and close tabs for students, and send messages to individuals, groups or the whole class.

Hapara Workspace allows teachers to create collaborative, differentiated assignments and projects online. Teachers can easily keep track of students’ progress and students have access to all of their resources and requirements through a simple, easy to use interface.


Hapara Analytics makes digital adoption results visible by providing actionable data about learner engagement, collaboration and device usage, inside of school and out. With Analytics, schools and districts are able to use data to guide school improvement plans, measure return on investment and instruction, drive district strategic planning, target professional development, and inform further technology purchases.