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ChromeOS Flex

Modernise your devices with Chrome OS Flex for security, speed and more, and at zero cost to download. Chrome OS Flex transforms your organisations existing devices and provides everyone with a unified, modern teaching and learning experience. Featuring proactive, built-in security and cloud-based management capabilities, Chrome OS Flex enables you to extend the life of your fleet, which benefits the environment and your budget.


Listen to how IS Basel utilised their old existing fleet with ChromeOS Flex to extend the life and performance of their Macs & PCs for a more sustainable fleet.

Help to reduce E-Waste by repurposing your old Laptops or Macbooks:

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Google Workspace for Education Plus

Google Workspace for Education Plus is the most comprehensive edition to help achieve a digital transformation. Incorporating teaching, learning, and advanced security capabilities from all Google Workspace for Education editions, Education Plus provides a more effective and unified learning environment for your school community.

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Become one of the 170 million students & educators around the world using Google Workspace for Education to power collaboration, instruction & security.

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