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Backupify is the leading cloud-to-cloud total data protection platform for software as a service applications. Nearly two million business customers rely on Backupify to protect SaaS data

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Product description

Users can easily protect Google Apps data in the secure Datto Cloud, and restore lost or corrupted objects in seconds through the intuitive admin interface. Automated backups can be created up to three times daily, and additional backups can be created on demand. Restore single files, objects or complete accounts to get back to business in minutes.

Popular SaaS applications such as Google Apps still rely on recovery of the data from the recycle bin. This means that once the recycle bin is manually or automatically purged, your data is gone…forever.

Backupify ensures business-critical data is always backed up seamlessly, restored quickly and protected securely, giving companies more authority to manage and own their data. Whether it’s filing financial reports, resolving legal issues or just managing day-to-day operations, gain the peace of mind from knowing that your data is safe, secure and always available in the Datto Cloud.

Restore Lost Files

The most common cause of SaaS data loss is accidental deletion. Users make mistakes — whether that’s accidentally deleting records, incorrectly mapping fields, or installing third-party apps that overwrite valuable information. SaaS applications are reliable, easy to access and use, but are not people-proof. Even built-in recovery capabilities for SaaS applications are not sufficient to protect business data. If you need to ensure that your business data is available even when the unthinkable happens, then Backupify is the solution for you.

Employee Lifecycle Management

When employees leave, their data is still an asset. To access their data, SaaS applications require you to maintain a paid license. Why waste money on a license for an employee after they leave your organization? With Backupify, you can archive historical user data based on retention policy, not user license. Moreover, document ownership can be transferred to a new user. Save time and money, and still retain access to all data critical to your business with Backupify.