G-Suite Accelerator Service


Our Google Apps for Education Accelerator service enables schools to get support to help set up their school on the “free” Google Apps for Education platform. The service has been designed to reinforce the school’s branding through the creation of a “Hub” site through which all of the Google Apps can be accessed. The “Hub” concept is a starting point and many schools have taken this work and developed the thinking in lots of different ways to meet the needs of their school.

The Google Apps for Education Accelerator service comprises the following elements which can be tailored to meet the needs of individual schools based on what stage the school has reached.


  1. Creation of the school Google Apps domain and registration for Google Apps for Education
  2. Design and implementation of the school “Hub”
  3. Loading of teacher and student accounts
  4. Creation of initial teaching groups
  5. Training of nominated admin staff
  6. Onsite training of teacher
  7. 12 months support